Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Where next???

Last night I completed FF13 - so that officially means I can move on to another game in order to complete another story.

I will however be coming back to Gran Pulse in order to stake out the remaining 50% of trophies still to collect, but that will take a long time and shall be reserved for a future date when I am most probably left on my own with nothing to do.

I'll be moving away from the RPG genre for a while I think - not that I don't enjoy it, I think it is a great genre and I enjoy developing characters etc... It's just time to give some of my other games a look-in.

Question is... where next? I'm thinking Prince of Persia, perhaps Avatar, maybe Ghostbusters... All this considered I am probably equally through each... and saying that makes me realise that Red Faction Guerrilla needs finishing too... so I think I will leave Cocoon and Gran Pulse and board the next space ship to Mars... a little closer to home.

Friday, 9 April 2010

One game at a time...

I'm a changed man!

Not through religion or a near miss experience... No, I owe this to good old Final Fantasy 13. I've still not swapped the disc, save for a try of rentals, and it has turned a corner in my mind that reads thus... 'He who hath many games to playeth should complete the main story at least before changing his disc.'

This new me will still be on the lookout for games on the cheap (only 5games have been purchased RRP), and will continue to rent... However he shall endure to make it to a games end before decreeing 'What else is on?'

Playstation 3 Trophies