Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Where next???

Last night I completed FF13 - so that officially means I can move on to another game in order to complete another story.

I will however be coming back to Gran Pulse in order to stake out the remaining 50% of trophies still to collect, but that will take a long time and shall be reserved for a future date when I am most probably left on my own with nothing to do.

I'll be moving away from the RPG genre for a while I think - not that I don't enjoy it, I think it is a great genre and I enjoy developing characters etc... It's just time to give some of my other games a look-in.

Question is... where next? I'm thinking Prince of Persia, perhaps Avatar, maybe Ghostbusters... All this considered I am probably equally through each... and saying that makes me realise that Red Faction Guerrilla needs finishing too... so I think I will leave Cocoon and Gran Pulse and board the next space ship to Mars... a little closer to home.

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