Sunday, 27 February 2011

What not playing games has taught me...

I hate to admit it but not playing games for a month has taught me something. It isn't a revelation about the amount of time, the expenses, or the social life...

Instead the lesson I have learnt is that I take too long over pointless endeavours. Case in point = multiplayer and side quests. I said some time back that I would not change discs until I had completed games. I did well but didn't keep it up.

So as I look forward to my future gaming endeavours I promise myself that I will not fart around until I have finished the main storyline... And this time I mean it.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Further extension to Playstation imbargo

So... I gave up PS3 for February and now it seems that I will be giving it up for yet more time. I'm on another sleep study throughout the first 14 days of March which will mean no Playstation until mid-March. Fun! (maybe)?!?

So long as I can get some sales DLC during that time I don't mind!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Good old-fashioned simplicity

Loving my iPhone!

Just got a free-throw game called iBasket... simple but fun! In fact most of the games I have on it are simple but fun.

However I am now craving a bit of 2 handed, 10 fingered, controller button sequenced complexity! As accessable as it is to be dragging my finger across glass to make things happen in iPhone games, it still is not competition for holding L2 whilst manouvering L3 + R3 before lining up a crosshair and pulling R2, swiftly followed by pushing R3 down and hitting R1 and dissapearing in a cloud of tactical smoke whilst hitting Triangle to change weapon and Square to reload, finally hitting X to vault a wall and pressing L3 to crouch behind it safe in the fact that I headshot someone who acted like a twit not 5 seconds prior. Take that n00b hater.

Oh complexity... I miss you dearly.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

FPS = For Pounding Stress

I'm not missing much about my PS3... Except the iPlayer, high def blu-rays and FPS games.

Why FPS? I have no idea but have a good feeling it is down to the immersive perspective and this allowance for feeling in direct control of the action.

Busting makes me feel good! Especially after particularly stressful days. Perhaps it indicates a good area to research... How good a FPS simulation is at providing escapism.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

iPhone Games... Value Added Psychology

I've been with iPhone for about 2 weeks yet to look at the apps on it you would think that it belonged to someone who had ownership for a lot longer.

Due to the expanse that the App Store now has in the way of apps, games, and other useful iPhone content it has been all to easy to fill it with stuff. And... As it is me that owns it you can imagine that a fair share of content is games related.

At only 59p per game on average it has been too easy to compare the expense to my console gaming... "oh it's ok! I'll get 10 good games at 59p and that is still cheaper than a rubbish PS3 disc on sale." I hear myself say.

So far the iPhone list is looking much more complete than my console efforts, having completed Cut The Rope to near perfection and playing through Angry Birds like I have OCD.

Well done game devs... First you give me console enjoyment and now you fill my pockets with equal glory!

Now to finish I will list the games and welcome anyone to comment should they see fit... Toodles!

Angry Birds
Angry Birds Seasons
Cut The Rope
Cut The Rope Xmas
Cat Physics
Assassins Creed: Altair's Chronicles
Family Guy Uncensored
Family Guy Time Warp

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Angry Birds-flu

Hi all.

There are several reasons why this us my first blog entry of 2011. Firstly, I've been playing games. Secondly, I agreed with my better half that for all of February she could take ownership of my PS3 and I would not play games. Thirdly... Playing games in January KNOWING that I would play nothing in February made me take every opportunity I could to play.

Unfortunately I also got a phone upgrade to an iPhone 4... which has resulted in getting hooked on angry birds in the same way as my console habit.

Oh dear... Looks like cold turkey has been ruined by a case of angry bird-flu.

Playstation 3 Trophies