Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The name is Move... Playstation Move

Having just been in Paris for the weekend I got to see a PS3 Move in action, and try it first hand!

Having tried a Wii on several occasions I can make the very bold statement that PS3 is far better and I look froward to my bundle arriving on the day of release. As for Kinect... I have had multiple discussions that have gone thus...

Q: "What about core games?"
Response: "Well, maybe you will need to hold a gun shaped object that the camera will recognise due to it's material????"
Q: "So, like a controller you mean?"
Response: "Um... yeah!"

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Online deadlines

As  the internet has developed into a "standard" household commodity over the years, games have included more and more online features. The standard format is still head-to-head competition, however others have emerged such as co-op (Army of Two), team based drop in/ out (Borderlands) and perculiarly... useful messaging (Demon's Souls).

The unfortunate thing however, is that games are continually coming to market and gamers move on in their catalogues. This creates a void area where less and less gamers are online to compete/ side with on a given game as the title becomes shelved by bored gamers. With EA creating an almost "exclusive" element to buying brand new games, used games sales will not solve the problem unless a gamer wants to shell out for a "get online" DLC.

Now... I'm not a trophy whore, just a trophy enthusiast (there is a difference, I swear), but with a dwindling population of players on the field the chances of whores getting those crucial final online trophies becomes harder to obtain. I have a large collection of 50 PS3 games and regularly change up discs (unless I am completely engrossed by a story... FFXIII) in order to keep on top of online stats.

It is a shame that more people are not online at the same time... It can't just be me thinking
"Where is the beef?". You bought the game, play it! Don't let it catch dust!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Littlebigplanet... the resurgence

Hi all

Published my first level yesterday... "Bunny". Essentially it is a rocket powered skateboard propelled over a pit of fire and then it turns into a fairly standard level after that. I completed the main game a while back (check that off my list) and recently got a resurgence of inspiration that prompted me to publish my work...

With the sequel due very soon I am eagerly awaiting the next step in creative gameplay. Who knows what crazy levels I will take months working on next!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Demos... or should that be demo(n)s

Just been trying out the blur demo on multiplayer and can say that if that is HONESTLY how the multiplayer works in the main game then it is a REAL shame!

I sat for 40 minutes before playing online against someone and then had to wait for a day and age before another race started once that one was over. The only reason I sat that long was because of the competition open on PSN to win a BMW by playing a game.

I've put blur on my rental wish list from lovefilm and will see if it is any different once they send that out... I hope for the games sake that it is!

I know that demo's are not the finished product and should be taken with a splash of "meh - they'll fix that"-ness but developers and publishers need to make sure that they don't turn gamers off completely!

EDIT: Maybe I was a little harsh. Just been playing it again and turns out that it does work better some of the time... I'll await the rental to see for sure.

Playstation 3 Trophies