Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Online deadlines

As  the internet has developed into a "standard" household commodity over the years, games have included more and more online features. The standard format is still head-to-head competition, however others have emerged such as co-op (Army of Two), team based drop in/ out (Borderlands) and perculiarly... useful messaging (Demon's Souls).

The unfortunate thing however, is that games are continually coming to market and gamers move on in their catalogues. This creates a void area where less and less gamers are online to compete/ side with on a given game as the title becomes shelved by bored gamers. With EA creating an almost "exclusive" element to buying brand new games, used games sales will not solve the problem unless a gamer wants to shell out for a "get online" DLC.

Now... I'm not a trophy whore, just a trophy enthusiast (there is a difference, I swear), but with a dwindling population of players on the field the chances of whores getting those crucial final online trophies becomes harder to obtain. I have a large collection of 50 PS3 games and regularly change up discs (unless I am completely engrossed by a story... FFXIII) in order to keep on top of online stats.

It is a shame that more people are not online at the same time... It can't just be me thinking
"Where is the beef?". You bought the game, play it! Don't let it catch dust!

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