Friday, 26 November 2010

Completed Games Update

Early in my blogging life I listed the games I had completed and trophied 100%.

I am now happy to report that... nothing much has changed.  I've still only got 2 platinum's (nearly at 4 thanks to Fallout 3 and Uncharted) however have THANKFULLY completed a few more games;

Assassins Creed
Assassins Creed 2
Grand Theft Auto
Fallout 3
Burnout Paradise
Final Fantasy XIII

Since then I have completed;
Medal of Honor
Little Big Planet
Uncharted (and only 1 trophy to go)

So that is 9 games completed... shame my collection now exceeds 60.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Are all my friends unemployed fatties???

Pardon the title - I don't mean those of you I can call up and ask over for pizza (to make you into fatties). I refer instead to my online "friends" that play PS3.

Now... this blog entry isn't testing to see how many readers outside of facebook I have, but rather my only possible explanation on how people can do SO much of a game in under a week.

I work 8 hours a day, have a 20 minute walk to and from work and still manage to put in a good 4 hours of games about 4 times a week. This equates to about 1 game getting completed every month or so. How come then, that some of my online counterparts have Platinum on games that have been out less than a week!!!

I'm not jealous because I know that there is life outside of games to enjoy... I'm just mindful that they are probably doing themselves a great lot of harm by not moving, not getting a job, not eating correctly and not socialising normally! Now that is said... I'm off to play some Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, eat some pizza and not move for 4 hours :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Easy Trophies... A Personal Gripe

I'm not usually one to complain about things being easy... if it is easy it leaves more time to do other things. However when Trophies or Achievments are too easy I get a little deflated.

This comes from just getting the Call of Duty Black Ops trophies after mission 2 (escaping prison). I was presented with 2 for completing the level (1 for completing, another for destroying all persuing vehicles) and was content with this. However several minutes later after a cut scene a 3rd popped up... for being given a mission by JF Kenneddy. Now this is a bit of a joke... being rewarded for watching a cut scene.

The rest of the trophy list is also full of just such easy trophies. Example... Dead Ops Arcade. You get a trophy for breaking out the chair, a trophy for unlocking the arcade game, and another for typing zork into the keyboard. 3 trophies for what is really only 2 actions.

I might just have to put the PS3 Trophie "ping" noise on my mobile so that I can enjoy the rewards of getting a text message. I'd be a level 21 user in no time!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Thank you Sainsbury...

I'm not usually a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fan. I find that the whole franchise has been a bit over-hyped and forced in our faces every time another realistic FPS comes out... saying that I loved the old Medal of Honor (feel dirty every time I drop the u in Honour... yuk!) games and recently enjoyed the new incarnation of it.

Thanks to Sainsbury's however I will be able to put Call of Duty: Black Op's to the test for a blowout £26 tonight according to rumour from it's employees that the game will go on sale for a much reduced price!

Stay tuned to see the trophies and stories pop up!

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