Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Good old-fashioned simplicity

Loving my iPhone!

Just got a free-throw game called iBasket... simple but fun! In fact most of the games I have on it are simple but fun.

However I am now craving a bit of 2 handed, 10 fingered, controller button sequenced complexity! As accessable as it is to be dragging my finger across glass to make things happen in iPhone games, it still is not competition for holding L2 whilst manouvering L3 + R3 before lining up a crosshair and pulling R2, swiftly followed by pushing R3 down and hitting R1 and dissapearing in a cloud of tactical smoke whilst hitting Triangle to change weapon and Square to reload, finally hitting X to vault a wall and pressing L3 to crouch behind it safe in the fact that I headshot someone who acted like a twit not 5 seconds prior. Take that n00b hater.

Oh complexity... I miss you dearly.

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