Monday, 14 June 2010

1 Month On...

It has now been over 1 month since I felt the urge to blog about games... mainly because of Open University commitments being more important (yes they are!) but now I have some new get-up-and-go to push my fingers on the keyboard. Whilst not a huge amount of game progress has been made I will recap this months gaming ventures.

  • I recently set-up a USA PSN account in order to download and play the games that SCEE are yet to put on our store here in the UK...  I am now enjoying the Tomb Raider and Resident Evil series a second time around, and Dino Crisis for the first time.
  • I booted up Flow (PS3) recently and found out it has trophy support now.
  • I now own Skate 2 & 3 and am enojoying the online play. Brilliant games and glad to see even more improvement on the original.
  • I have almost completed Red Faction: Guerilla - haven't been back to it recently though.
  • I have been playing a PSP recently and am enjoying Killzone: Liberation, Dissidia: Final Fantasy & Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines - as well as the above PSOne classics on the go and remote play - though one annoying thing there is the absence of an L2 and R2 button.

That is it in terms of activity... the remaining musings are the game related thoughts I have had....

  • Now LOST has concluded on TV I want to go back and play LOST the video game through to see how that fits in with the entire story.
  • Why didn't I get a component cable for my PS2 earlier... it improves the picture 10 fold.
  • How long will it be until the PS3 is hooked up to a 3D TV in Sony Centres so I can gawp at it?
  • How much of my journey to Italy via Paris by train will be taken up by gaming?

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