Sunday, 17 April 2011

Gamification so far... MyTown

Right. First up is MyTown, the monopoly style game that allows you to get points for checking in to locations and charging rent to visitors. At present I own my place of work and a subsidiary company, my girlfriends dads business, the local pub and a supermarket. I thought it best to own these as I actually visit them quite often.

The app does depend on google for business information so can be frustrating to check in to some places. I was standing outside of Tesco but no amount of refreshes would have allowed me to check in there. It does not allow you to check in when you get home either which would be a nice way of ending your MyTown day.

I have no friends that play MyTown so who I am charging rent to I have no idea, and when being told that I have had x amount of visitors to MyTown this figure is somewhat meaningless. Also, for someone that works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and takes the same route to and from work every day the opportunity to "check in" to new places is scarce. As a result I decided on one walk home to just see which businesses could be checked in to as I passed and ended up going up several levels.

For the most part it is "fun" to pass the time walking to work by using MyTown but as the week has passed it has become more about seeing what the next level of building upgrade looks like, and no other mechanic in the game that has kept me going. With no variation to the types of rewards received in game (and no real world reason to do anything) I have a feeling this app may be short-lived in my use. Especially so as it requires an internet connection on 3G or wifi.

Next time you see "gamification" Do Some Good will be under the spotlight.

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