Monday, 15 March 2010

Final Fantasy XIII

Who would have thought that I could keep my attention towards such an EPIC story for this long without even playing another game!!! It’s amazing!!

Usually my mind gets bored of a game, plays a different one for a while and then goes back to the original game in question... but with Final Fantasy 13 I have not changed discs (and won't have to even half way through due to PS3 Blu-Ray haha!) in the whole 17 hours it has been played other than to use a DVD to fall asleep to. There are only 2 other games that have held my attention for this long without being interrupted... Assassins Creed 1 & 2...
• AC 1 was due to being snowed in and having time to play it... I completed it well before 17 hours and that was mainly pushed through because I played a little bit of AC 2 first and wanted to know the back story to Desmond
• AC 2 was completed in 24 hours with little if any interruption and now sits waiting for me to complete the DLC.

Graphics in FF13 are amazing. Cut scenes between fights utilise the character models you play with, which look smooth and seamless, and then when one of the cinematic cut scenes shows itself it's like watching Advent Children! Simply astounding. Some of the music is a bit "Sonic the Hedgehog" for my tastes but it adds a light hearted feel to playing as one of the sickly sweet children.

I'm at the tip of the iceberg if reviews are to be trusted, and that there are still another 40 + hours to enjoy. Safely... I can say bring it on!

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