Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Damn You to The Nexus Demon Souls!

Demons Souls – you really are a hard nut to crack!

Anyone that has played this game will know what I mean when I say… DAMN!!! In fact GAW-DAMN!!! I was given the game at Christmas (the premier gifting period) last year and have just had time now to get into it fully. So far it is one Demon down and god knows how many more to go.

This game takes NO prisoners, it takes any potential prisoner and spits them out like a sour grape. Even after getting one Demon slain there is no indication of where to go next, just a notice that more locations are open… Thus in my noob-like stupor I followed the usual Stage 2 psychology that has been driven into me by every other game and decided to run the gauntlet along the battlements against the fire breathing dragon.

Several deaths and Moon Grasses later I reached the other end of the battlements only to be insta-killed by a 10 story tall knight… hmm… “Maybe I need to come back here later?” I thought… having lost all the collected souls of said level… behind fog that I cannot go back to and collect my souls… at too late an hour to go straight back to it… CRAP!!!

If it weren’t for a driving lesson after work tonight I would be straight back in Boletaria this evening. Especially now I have the IGN Prime guide to help me decide where to go next and hopefully have more success than that which I had against The Tower Knight!!!

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