Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Need For Speed: NO Pursuit

Oh chestnut, how I feel sorry for you having to be dragged back out and tarnished. As unfortunate as it is I must though, in order to polish you up and rehash a previous annoyance... Lack of online players! Yes, it is that old chestnut.

NFS: Hot Pursuit is supposed to be a game of cat and mouse, cops and robbers... Racers vs The Law. Instead the lobbies now only consist of races. No one is using the other online race modes. Everyone that I played last night had a level 20 race career and very little progress if any as a cop.

Now... I started NFS: HP on Xmas day as a racer and finished up that career first. Having taken a break I am now back for the cop element. It now seems I am going to need to arrange via a forum to experience the thrills of other game modes in order to rack up my trophies. Either that or get a friend to rent/ buy a copy along with the DLC. Hmm... Somehow I think he has bigger priorities.

It is a shame that the USP for NFS: HP is being neglected in favour of using it as a standard racer. Sure it is great fun but variety is the spice of life.

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