Sunday, 7 August 2011

Tier 1 or Veteran?

Those of you familiar with the FPS genre will know what the veteran setting is... For the less learned it is the hardest difficulty available on Call of Duty games. Essentially it is another label for HARD!!!

EA games revival of Medal of Honor brought with it its own version of HARD by introducing Tier 1 mode where everything will kill you if given half a chance and there are no checkpoints. It's a cruel and unforgiving speed-run mode that rewards good aim and shuns the jam smeared face that is patiently sucking their thumb whilst their health comes back.

But which one makes for a better experience for the best of players? And which one makes you a better player?

Tier 1 mode certainly requires the flawless aptitude that the SAS and Tier 1 Marines require in order to live, but the checkpoint ability within Veteran mode is allowing players to continue from where it went wrong and learn by their multiple mistakes. In terms of reward... It must be satisfying to complete a Tier 1 mode level (I wouldn't know... I keep dying) but the psychological value in completing a Veteran Mode level after the 50th attempt at progressing 10 meters to the level end point (where you die anyway!) is also validly making people learn from their immediate mistakes.

All I know is that having speed run the gauntlet in MW2 in less than 30 seconds the feeling of being worthy of the games appraisal that I CAN do veteran rather than simply choose to do it is enough for me.

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