Monday, 22 August 2011

Playstation 3 Cross Game Chat

Today it was announced that cross-game chat will never come to PS3.

Personally - I don't care. If I am playing a game that does not need me to be communicating with a team for strategic reasons then clearly my attention is needed more by the game and actions in hand.

I have tried to talk on Skype when playing games but it just doesn't work... one activity requires more of your brain than the other. You either miss out on a vital plot point or cue to incoming attacks, or you have long silences where you cannot focus on your conversation due to the on screen madness.

I've argued before that there are no tactical players online anymore, and that headsets have become simple conduits to hurl abuse at other gamers. Thankfully cross-game chat is not coming to PS3... It will mean I can have a legitamate reason for focusing on my games and not worrying at all about what other people are doing.

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