Monday, 22 August 2011

I am a Sports Champion

I recently grabbed Sports Champion for PS3 Move and am LOVING the fun it provides.

It has been out some time and has had the unfortunate "Rockstar" syndrome since launch, in that the price just WON'T come down. Thankfully an eBay seller had it brand new at a nice low price and so it felt the time to snap it up.

It surprised me how a simple game like Bocce (boules/ petang to us Eurotrash) could be so much fun. The other games are also totally kickass! Archery with two controllers makes you feel like Robin Hood in the living room. Duelling is brutally fun. Table tennis is almost as intense as the real thing, and disc golf (frisbee) takes me back to holidays in Cornwall.

The only weak link is Volleyball which feels a little too on rails, and the feebleness of some opponents polino setting in Bocce is laughable.

If you don't have it yet... get it, invite some friends over, and have a whale of a time.

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