Sunday, 13 March 2011

Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

After 4 nights in a lab and a few minutes today I have just finished reading the accompanying book to the upcoming THQ shooter set in Korean occupied USA from the year 2025.

The read was good, though lacking in the kind of action one would expect from a book accompanying an FPS. This book is not an adaptation but rather a human story based in world that frames the game. There is action but it is somewhat pedestrian, however this does play to the books strength as it follows the journey of a normal guys rise to being a prominent Resistance force and general pain in the Korean occupiers ass.

It will be interesting to play through Homefront and see if anything from The Voice of Freedom permeates into the narrative. With so little known about the locations, protagonist and antagonist (aside from a unified Korea) of Homefront it is a release that is high on my intrigue list.

I would certainly recommend the book to anyone that enjoys a good story, and especially a good human story. The plot is easy to follow and the structure is standard (3 acts), and this makes for an enjoyable experience. The climax was a little predictable and you had a myriad of stereotypes thrown in throughout but as I said before it does leave a lot to be found out by playing the game.

So... With that in mind I look forward to THAT experience very shortly!

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