Thursday, 10 March 2011

Is Mass Effect 2 the best RPG...

So I've been getting about an hours game time in every night this week and have made okay progress with Mass Effect 2 and can't help but think that the designers really thought long and hard about what is and isn't fun in an RPG.

Fallout 3, New Vegas and Borderlands are fun but have the annoyance of physical space restricting your load out. This is true of many a standard RPG, however the only limits experienced so far in Mass Effect 2 is on your chosen weapons which are limited to four. Everything else (ammo, schematics, healing kits) is neatly tucked away in cyberspace on your wrist.

This works for the games setting but wouldn't translate well to other RPG's. So this means that sci-fi had a perfect place from which to balance the RPG scales. Whether any other sci-fi RPG's are planned or not I don't know but Mass Effect 2 is certainly a stand out in my books as working the environment into the mechanics perfectly.

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