Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sleep study with Homefront

So this Monday will see the start of a week long stint where I shall have a bed time, get woken up in the night to be bled, and abstain from the wonders of gaming... This is in the name of science and is not some strange rehab clinic I can assure you.

My companions during this time will be the shiny iPhone in my possession and the new novel that supplements the upcoming game "Homefront".

I've read a fair few novelisations that both expand upon and reiterate the story lines of popular games, as far back as Resident Evil (which spawned 6 books), right up to the recent Assassins Creed books and comics in fact.

I'm hoping to finish the book during the week so will let you know if it any good. So remember... Home is where the war is!

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