Friday, 10 June 2011

E3 Uplay points?!?

I am not complaining but I am surprised to have been handed 40 Uplay points following E3. The Uplay points system is effectively a rewards based trophy system (scaled back from the reams of trophies available) which provides players with incentives for actions performed in Ubisoft titles.

Having activated my iPhone, PS3, Facebook and PC with Uplay I got 10 points a piece added for doing naff all. Thanks Ubisoft.

So long as this is just a one off/ annual reward I don't mind. If however it starts to become a regular occurrence, thereby rewarding consumers for doing nothing, I think it will be a sad day for those that understand the psychology of reward etc.

In fact, here is an excellent video by Extra Credits over at The Escapist who would most likely agree...

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