Tuesday, 14 June 2011

eBay... People just don't do it right!

So... I go on about pre-owned game sales a fair bit, but to make my case clear - "I don't buy used games from retailers who pocket the profit, only direct from people on eBay."

That may seem strange to some that I detest used game sales for profit on a large scale but not on an individual basis (perhaps all that punk I listen to has something to say about that) and I can understand if you don't agree.

What I can't understand is some peoples approach to buying on eBay.

Anyone that has used eBay will know that the closing moments are the prime bidding period... So why-oh-why do people place their maximum bid days in advance? Sure you have a maximum price that you are willing to pay, but surely the point of eBay is to get things cheap?!?

I should feel bad for making people pay more than the "current" bid when I try to snap up an old game for my maximum bid in the closing seconds... But I won't and don't... If you can't be bothered to bid in the closing seconds then you deserve to pay more than the minimum!

There are plenty of other "issues" I have with sellers too, not just buyers, (fakes, miss use of "mint", regions, outrage at neutral feedback, etc) but that is another story.

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