Thursday, 19 May 2011

Have I reached a point of gaming satiation?

I like games... Always have (NSS I hear you cry!).

Since the early days of console entertainment right up to the latest AAA hits I've had a blast and would consider myself a better than average gamer with a passion for the industry.

Recently however my gaming time has taken a nose dive and I am constantly flitting between games without clear focus of completion. Some would argue that my problem is not satiation but SATURATION! With a PS3 collection of more than 75 games I can see why they would say that, however it has always been like that since I started working over 10 years ago. Since buying my own PS2 at 16 I've always had a lot of games, and always enjoyed them.

Recently my gaming has felt more like a time filler than an entertainment activity and perhaps that is what is making me feel satiated by them. I have been taking driving lessons and spending more time out the house to look at property, socialise and be with my girlfriend more... so I can see why it does feel more time filling than time thrilling.

With a bank holiday weekend soon, and less plans ahead to "do stuff" during my solitary state that is a weekday I should get out of this state of satiation. Failing that there are plenty of games to loan out to friends in order to make my game time more focused... Any takers?

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